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Constitute the University of Heidelberg are: natural sciences, science and sports medicine departments are located in most of the New Campus Neuenheimer Feld, where to buy fake Universitaet Heidelberg diploma, buy a fake degree from Universitaet Heidelberg, buy fake Universitaet Heidelberg degree, buy fake Universitaet Heidelberg ceritificate, and the humanities and social sciences faculties such as law school and the principal’s office and administration building is located at the University of Heidelberg’s old town. Other scattered body of the University of Heidelberg city and surrounding areas. Faculty of Theology, buy fake German LLM diploma from Universitaet Heidelberg, University of Heidelberg: scientific theology and practical theology, the former including the New Testament, church history, Christian archeology, teaching knowledge, systematic theology courses. In addition to Christ and Christian deacon Research Department. Faculty of Law, University of Heidelberg: There are legal, foreign and international private law and economic law, legal history, social and economic law, criminal law, tax and financial management law in Germany and Europe and other professionals. buy fake German degree, buy fake German diploma, buy a bachelor degree from German, buy German master degree, Total Department of Medicine, how much is a German DIPLOMA from Universitaet Heidelberg, University of Heidelberg: The following types of professional and systems. They are the Natural Sciences Department of Medicine, a professional anatomy and biology, physiology, experimental zoology, biochemistry, medical history and other cells use; theory Faculty of Medicine, a medical law, human genetics and anthropology, pathology, hygiene, immunization Science and serology, biostatistics and medical informatics. Department of History, Philosophy: philosophical, historical, Eastern European history, political science, art historians and other professionals.