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Innovative course

MBA for graduates

Leoha’s MBA is aimed at young people aged 22-26, overseas internships, study tours, online teaching, Q&A and practical operations. A one-year undergraduate program for undergraduates from the ages of 21 to 26 aims to develop business leaders who are accustomed to the global business environment.

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Traditional MBAs require students to have two or more years of work experience, which makes it difficult for graduates to enter business. Leoha International University’s MBA is “creating work experience” for graduates. After 2-3 months of online courses, students will begin paid internships in Spanish top 500 multinational companies. Morning internship, online learning at home or in the afternoon, and with the internship, bring the problems encountered in practice back to the classroom.

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In the middle of the course, eight times of Spanish city tour will be held, visiting Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Santiago, Córdoba, Zaragoza and San Sebastian.