Introduction of Washington University


The University of Washington, or UW for short, was founded in 1861 in Seattle on the west coast of the United States. Buy fake UW diploma, buy fake University of Washington degree, buy fake US University transcript. It is a world-famous top research university and a member of AAU and Association of Pacific Rim Universities.  Since 1974, Washington University has been ranked among the top three in Global University in terms of the huge scientific research funds it receives every year, enjoying a high reputation in international academic circles.  Washington University is 10th in 2018 in U.S.News World Report-Best Global Universities Rankings, 25th in 2018 in Times World University, 28th in 2018 in Times World University reputation, 13th in 2017 in Academic Ranking of World Universities, 6th in 2017 in Global University research influence in Tsinghua University Knowledge Society academic circle, 4th in 2017 in Reuters Global Innovation University and 19th in 2018 in CWUR Global University.

 In the 157 years since its founding, Washington University and its alumni have made numerous major inventions that benefit all mankind: the invention of hepatitis B vaccine, kidney dialysis, the drawing of human genome, the revelation of the mysteries of life, the hosting of the design of the world’s largest Boeing747, lunar orbiter and STS Columbia OV-102, the training of 11 space astronauts, the invention of ethylene synthetic rubber technology, the participation in NASA spacecraft lunar exploration research projects, the development of the computer DOS operating system, etc.

 Among the alumni of Washington University are 20 Nobel Prize winners, 1 Fields Medal, 2 Turing Award, 167 US Science Committee Fellow and 252 US academicians, including 85 American Academy Of Arts And Sciences, 76 NAS, 60 US National Medical College academicians and 29 National Academy of Engineering academicians.  Five academicians from American Philosophical Society and two from the National Academy of Public Administration.