Introduction of Cornell University


Cornell University is a unique university founded by entrepreneur Ezra Cornell and scholar Andrew Dickson White. In 1865, in Isa, New York, USA. The foundation of the mountain in Kashan City was built (with the charter signed by the governor). buy fake US University diplomas, get fake Cornell University degree certificates, order fake UK University degrees, buy fake Canadian University diplomas, get fake Singapore University degrees, order fake Australian transcript and diplomas, buy fake Malaysian University diplomas.

Founder White was a famous American scholar. He studied at Yale University and studied in France and Germany. He was then the most reformed professor of literature and history at the University of Michigan. Early American colleges and universities not only had a small academic scale, but also the content of classical teaching was very monotonous. It was far less than the momentum of European universities. White has always envisaged changing the situation of American colleges and universities. The traditional liberal arts department has been unable to meet the comprehensive needs of technical talents in the mechanized agriculture and industrial revolution era in the United States. The federal government passed the Morrill Act in 1862, and the federal government grants land grants to support the establishment of one or two colleges and universities in the United States. In addition to classical liberal arts teaching, it should also include at least new disciplines for agriculture and industry. In 1864, White was elected as a New York State senator and chairman of the Senate Culture and Education Committee, responsible for the creation of the federally-granted colleges in New York. It coincides with Cornell’s chairmanship of the Agricultural Committee in the same Senate. Cornell is basically a self-taught person. He was a carpenter in his early years and eventually relied on his hard work and technology to get rich. He is a well-known entrepreneur and farmer in Upstate New York, the largest owner of Western Union’s stock. As the farmer and the local richest man and the head of agriculture in New York State, Cornell experienced the urgency of training agro-industrial application professionals and decided to donate surplus personal assets (a total of $500,000) to create a higher education institution. Cornell and White both hit it off and planned to build a new university with a large scale, academic excellence, no political and religious interference, complete disciplines, and practical skills for the society. White submitted to the New York State Assembly the Cornell University’s school-building program, named after the largest donor, and was successfully approved by the New York State Senate Bill as the state’s Land-grant Institution. Long-term funding support from the state government.