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Simon Fraser University has three campuses located in three different cities in the Greater Vancouver area. The main campus is located in Burnaby.

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Campus golden autumn

Campus) The Vancouver Campus is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, and the Surrey Campus is located in the City Center Mall. In recent years, the Vancouver Campus has been expanded, for example, to expand the Siegel Graduate School of Economics.

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There are direct access to three campuses by public transport. The Vancouver campus is only one block from the Waterfront Skytrain station. The Surrey campus is adjacent to Surrey Central Sky Station, and the Burnaby campus is connected to the Production Way-University Day Station and the Sperling-Burnaby Lake Sky Station via a shuttle bus service.

Burnaby Campus

The Burnaby campus is located on Mount Burnaby at an altitude of 365 meters and overlooks the entire northern part of Burnaby. Most of the school’s departments are located in Burnaby.

Burnaby Campus Square Academic Garden

Area. The main campus was founded during the time when the chairman of British Columbia’s Social Credit, W.A.C. Bennard, became the governor, and the library on the main campus was named after him. The Burnaby campus has two major sports complexes, the Lorne-Davies complex and the Chancellor’s stadium. The international standard swimming pool is located in the Lorne-Davies complex. The main campus has won numerous architectural design awards since its inception, including the 2009 Deputy Governor’s Architectural Design Gold Award and the Royal Canadian Architectural Society’s 20th Century Design Award.

In addition to Simon Fraser University itself and its related industrial research park Discovery Park, there are few projects developed in Burnaby. Until 2003, the university began to develop 200 acres of land near the campus hill for the construction of a A model and sustainable community, named UniverseCity. There are up to 4,500 residential units in this community, divided into small communities, new town centers, schools, parks and other facilities. As of January 2006, 585 homes and the Cornerstone building with restaurants and shops have been completed. In addition, 400 homes are under construction, and some of the characteristics of this community have begun to attract the attention of foreigners. These include: Canada’s first community public transport pass program, legal secondary suites to provide shelter for all, model rainwater treatment systems, and policies that prohibit multinational companies from opening branches.

Surrey Campus

The Surrey Campus is located in the heart of Surrey. The campus is also part of the city centre, which is an architectural complex near Surrey Central Station. The school district was established in 2002 to accommodate students and research projects at British Columbia University of Science and Technology, which has now expanded to Surrey’s integrated operations center and runs other SFU student programs. The entire building was designed by Chinese architect Bing Thom and opened to the public in 2006. At the same time, the Fraser Library, which is the branch of the Simon Fraser University Library, is located here. The main collection is related to the School of Interactive Arts and Technology.

Vancouver Campus

Vancouver Downtown Campus

Established in the 1980s, the Vancouver campus was the first university classroom in British Columbia to be located in the city centre. The Vancouver campus’s four buildings span the heart of downtown Vancouver: the Simon Fraser University Ocean Center, the Morris J Wosk Exchange Center, the Siegel Graduate School of Economics, and the Simon Fraser University Center for Contemporary Art. Today, the entire campus serves more than 70,000 people a year, and nearly 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students study here. The Belzberg Library is located here.

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