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Business – Accounting Business Management – Accounting Financial Planning Health Information Management Human Resources Investment Sales Assistant Management – Management Market Management Business – Marketing Office Management – Medical

Sports & Project Marketing* Financial Services Database Marketing Financial Services Marketing Business Intelligence / Marketing Analysis Business Professional Certificate

Community Service and Health Sciences

Activity Coordinator/Elderly Medicine Counselor/Event Advocacy for Invasive Women and Children Advocacy Career and Work Counselor Child and Youth Social Worker Community Social Worker Early Childhood Assistant Early Childhood Education Personnel Services Consultant

Deaf and Blind Caregiver Fitness and Lifestyle Management Pre-Translated American Sign Language-English Translation Behavioral Science Dentist Clinic Management Nursing

Creative technology school

Fashion Management Fashion Technology & Design Gemology Jewelry Craft Jewelry Repair

Art Communication School

Digital Media* Art Design Art Production Signature Art Basic Principles of Visual Arts

Performing arts school

Dance-Performance Foundation Dance-Performance Introduction to Performing Arts Dramatic Art

General art and science

Two-year diploma program for students to progress to college or university preparation

Dining tour

Baking Chef Training Specialty Cooking Chinese Cooking (Beginner and Advanced) Italian Culinary Arts Culinary Management Expo, Conference and Trade Show Management* Food & Beverage Management (Restaurant Management)

Food & Nutrition Management* Food & Bar Hotel Management

Engineering technology

Heating and Refrigeration Building Technology Construction Technology Building Renovation Structural Engineering Technology – Technician and Technician Power Engineering – Technician and Technician Electronic Engineering – Technician and Technician Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical Engineering Technician – Industrial Maintenance Mechanical Engineering Technician – Tool & Die Manufacturing Computer Programmer / Analyst Computer System Technician Microelectronics Manufacturing Technology – Surface Mount Microelectronics Manufacturing Technology – Surface Mount

Microelectronics Manufacturing Technology – Semiconductors Microelectronics Manufacturing Technology – Semiconductors Building Repair Technology