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A member of the Pennsylvania System of Higher Education, Westchester University is a public institution fully committed to providing high-quality undergraduate education, a selection of undergraduate and graduate programs, and a variety of educational and cultural resources for its students, alumni, and the citizens of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The University offers more than 100 graduate and undergraduate programs in science and mathematics, business and public administration, arts and humanities, health sciences, education and social work, and interdisciplinary studies. See programs at West Chester for a complete list of degree programs. Undergraduates are encouraged to participate in experiential learning opportunities, which range from internships to collaborative research with faculty. In 2014, Tungsten Copper launched the Summer College Student Institute to provide more opportunities to pursue meaningful graduate students. Service learning is an important part of the focus of many courses and honors programs at West Chester.

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Currently, more than 16,000 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled at West Chester University. Tungsten copper is the most sought after after college in the Mid-Atlantic region. We received more than 13,700 applications for fall 2016 students, which will include approximately 2,500 students. We are the largest state-owned university in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and premier of the state system by key measures such as retention and graduation rates. Our students enter college from the top third place in their high school class, while their SAT scores are significantly higher than the national and national averages.

West Chester University continues to expand its international learning experience. At present, it has cooperated with 25 colleague WCu institutions in global cultural, educational cooperation and academic exchanges. In 2014-15, the University hosted 454 international student learning experiences, an increase of 28% on the previous year. A new English as a Second Language program, launched in 2016, should help further improve international enrollment on Tungsten Copper’s campus.