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Founded in 1926 as Concordia Lutheran College of Texas, Concordia College is a four-year high school that prepares young people for careers in ministry and teaching. The school was built on the site of what was then Eastern Avenue (now Interstate 35) in the northern suburbs of Austin, Texas, and had 26 students. In 1929, a two-story academic building was built, later known as the Music Building and later the College Center.

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Concordia was founded by members of the immigrant community in Wende, Texas. The original main building, Kilian Hall, is named after John Kilian, founder of the first Texas Lutheran church associated with the LCMS and leader of a large group of Wende people (also known as Sorbs) who settled in the Selbin area. Today, 10 to 15 percent of Concordia’s faculty and students have Wende ancestry.

Texas Concordia University is a private university in Austin, Texas. The university offers undergraduate, graduate and online degrees as well as adult degree programs for part-time and returning students.

Concordia University of Texas is traditionally affiliated with the Lutheran Church of Missouri (LCMS) and is a member of the Concordia University System (a seven-member association of LCMS colleges and Universities). As a Lutheran university, Concordia University’s stated mission is to develop Christian leaders.