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The current labor law in UAE allows students holding student visas to engage in any paid work at any time.  The law allows week to work 20 hours while students are studying, and there is no restriction on student working hours during holidays.  Students studying at Canada University in Dubai can practice in specific Dubai hospitals and companies in the Technology and Media Free Zone.  Qualified undergraduate candidates must attend full-time courses at the Canadian University in Dubai, have completed at least one semester of courses, and have a GPA of 3.0 or above.  Jobs are mainly concentrated in some financial institutions, hospitals, marketing, human resources, information systems and sales fields.  Canadian University in Dubai provides students with part-time, full-time and internship opportunities for all Dubai local and multinational companies. It will be published for students through the online job vacancy database and employment bulletin.

 Every semester, the student employment service department of the Canadian University in Dubai will hold seminars to explain resume writing, interview skills and Job skills and Internet skills.  Invite professionals from Dubai local and multinational companies to regularly come to Dubai Canada University to give guidance to students on employment issues in different business fields.  The student employment service also provides students with free job information manuals, resume writing, interviews and job search skills.  In their spare time, students are provided with well-equipped fitness centers, indoor tennis courts, indoor basketball courts, rooftop swimming pools, table tennis courts for students, and other sports venues.  In addition, Dubai Canada University also has a well-equipped library and computer room.  Students can borrow professional related books and DVD.