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Brighton and Sussex School of Medicine (abbreviated as BSMS) is a new medical school run by Brighton University in collaboration with the University of Sussex. Buy fake University of Sussex diploma, Get fake University of Sussex degree certificate, Make fake University of Sussex transcript. Order fake UK University diploma certificate. Thanks to the cooperation of the two universities, BSMS not only combines the traditional teaching characteristics of different colleges but also shares the resources of the two universities in biological sciences, health care, and professional training. BSMS is the first in the southeast of England except for London. The medical school, which was approved in 2002, was officially put into use in 2003. Each year, BSMS enrolls 136 students from a student who has attended a two-year foundation course at the University of Falmo. Some medical-related courses in the life sciences degree at the University of Sussex are also taught at BSMS.

The Institute for Development Studies (IDS) is one of the world’s leading organizations dedicated to research, education and international development. IDS was founded in 1966 as an independent research institution based in the University of Sussex. IDS and Sasek The University is closely linked, but finance and management are completely independent. He exists in the form of a public welfare company, has his own legal representative, and is formally legally registered. The Innovation Research Management Center was established in 1990 based on the University of Brighton. The center is located in the Freeman Center building in the Sussex University campus.

The Sussex Innovation Center is one of the cradles of the famous British business talent. Founded in 1996, this center provides technical and intellectual support for business innovation and growth in the Southeast. In addition, the Innovation Center provides advanced equipment support for the development of the region and has created a good development environment for the prosperity of the business, mainly in the IT industry, biotechnology, media, and engineers.

The British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Music Appreciation from the University of Sussex, with teaching centers in Brighton, Bristol, Dublin, Birmingham, Manchester, Berlin, and London. The famous Kooks band is graduated from BIMM.