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Department of Business:

Accounting and Finance (Accounting and Finance)

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Logistics/Business Management/Marketing (Business/Logistics & Operations Management/Marketing)

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Hospitality and Tourism Business

Law & Management

Leisure and Event Management (Leisure and Event Management)

Retail Management

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Design Department:

Apparel Design & Merchandising

Interior Architecture & Design (Interior Architecture & Design)

Product & Industrial Design

Interactive Media Design

Visual Communication

Environmental Design (Environment Design)

Engineering Department: 

Electronic Engineering / Communication Engineering / Computer Engineering / Microelectronics (Electronics / Telecommunication / Computer Engineering / Microelectronics)

Intelligent Building Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronics/Product Engineering

Aviation Management & Services

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Electronics

Clean Energy

Department of Information Technology:

Information Studies

Information Technology/Internet computing

Business Information Technology

Information communication (Info-communications)

Financial Informatics

Department of Applied Science:

Applied Food Science & Nutrition (Applied Food Science & Nutrition)


Chemical Engineering

Biomedical Science

Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Science)