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University of Cambridge degree
University of Cambridge degree

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The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 AD by a group of teachers who fled from the University of Oxford to escape a fistfight. In the 12th century, Franciscans, Benedictines and Sacristans settled in the flat, wet marshes, and Cambridgeshire was born.

In 1209, two scholastic philosophers from Oxford were convicted of murdering a prostitute, and an Oxfordshire court sentenced them to death by hanging. In protest, Oxford teachers stopped teaching for a time and left. Some of them went to Cambridgeshire and founded Cambridge University.

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Around 1225, the faculty of Cambridge chose a chancellor from among them, whose powers were approved by King Henry III, and self-administration of the university was born. Soon after, in 1233, Pope Gregor IX also approved this ecclesiastical privilege, which Oxford did not enjoy until 1254, when a decree by Henry III and his heirs secured the monopoly of the two universities. For 600 years, until the 19th century, Oxford and Cambridge were the only universities in England. Nowhere else in Europe has such a monopoly. Like Oxford, the university of Cambridge did not originally have its own house. They teach and live in rented houses, wherever there is room. The college students lived in the hostel from the beginning, supervised by the owner.

In 1231, King Henry III granted Cambridge a monopoly on teaching. By 1280, the private hostels had been replaced by colleges with their own buildings and endowments, which ensured the permanence and independence of the colleges. How much does to buy a fake University of Portsmouth degree online?