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University of Pisa, is a world-renowned university. The official claim was made on September 3, 1343, but its history dates back to the 11th century. University of Pisa is the only Italian member of the Association of American University Research (URA); University of Pisa is an elite education system with PISA and PISA Santa Ana colleges and universities, where to buy Università di Pisa fake diploma, buy Università di Pisa fake degree, buy Università di Pisa fake certificate, how to get the degree from Università di Pisa, buy Università di Pisa bachelor degree, three teachers share the teaching quality is very high, and is the only one in Europe Into the "World University Institute of Research organization of scientific research university. University of Pisa has such a giants Galileo, and many Nobel Prize winners are from the University of Pisa. According to the research statistics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Pisa was named the first university in Italy.

There are 46536 students in Pisa University, about 1800 teachers and about 1,700 staff members. There are 11 colleges and schools in total. There are 57 faculties in total. In addition, there are 25 research centers and departments or separate research centers; there are 13 museums and collection centers; 16 large and small libraries, 400,000 volumes of books and 840 kinds of periodicals. study at University of Pisa, buy University of Pisa fake diploma, buy University of Pisa fake degree, how to buy University of Pisa fake degree, buy University of Pisa MBA degree, buy University of Pisa master of science degree, buy fake degree in Italy, buy fake diploma in Pisa, Undergraduate programs offer 72 majors; graduate programs offer 71 majors. University of Pisa in the 2010-2011 school year there are 52,000 undergraduate and graduate students, 950 doctoral students and 1100 medical and health trainees. There are about 1,590 teaching and research personnel, 1,643 laboratory and administrative staff, mathematics and physics departments in the world, and chemistry and computer science rankings in the top 151-200. The ARWU is based on six prominent research quality indicators: the number of alumni and professors who won the Nobel Prize and the Fields Medal; fake degree for sale in Italy, fake degree sample, buy fake diploma in Milano, the number of articles cited by researchers as Thomson Scientific; and the publication of publications such as "Nature" and "Science" The number of articles published; how to do if I can’t graduate from University of Pisa, where to buy University of Pisa fake diploma, buy fake transcript, buy Italian university fake degree, the number of articles cited in the scientific citation index and the social science citation index; and the per capita performance of the institution. University of Pisa has an affiliated Higher Teachers College, liberal arts, science two departments, less than 200 students, 100 teachers, specialized training of Italian science and technology and cultural talents. Since 1983, China has sent Chinese teachers to teach at the college every year. The 11 colleges under the University of Pisa include Agronomy, Economics, Pharmacy, Law, Literature and Philosophy, Foreign Languages ​​and Foreign Languages, Medical, Veterinary, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and Natural Science and School of Political Science. These colleges are dotted around the city of Pisa, but the collegiate secretarys are grouped together and located in the lobby of the University of Pisa in the east of the city.