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Universidad de Málaga diploma
Universidad de Málaga diploma

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The University of Malaga is a well-known comprehensive university and institution of higher learning in Spain. It is located in the famous southern coastal city with beautiful scenery in Spain, and the fifth largest city in Spain, Malaga City. Malaga is also one of Spain’s most economically developed and rapidly developing regions.

The University of Malaga is also a relatively new university, having been founded in 1968 and officially recognized by law on 18 August 1972. It has 40,000 students and 2,000 researchers. Total assets of nearly 270 million euros. Although the university has a long history, the university is just like the young Malaga, full of vitality, vigor and vitality.

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The school is divided into three campuses, malaga capital, centro de antequera and ronta. Malaga is divided into two university towns, “El ejido” and “El teatino”. Located in the center of the city, “El ejido” houses the administrative offices of the university, the economics department and other departments; The new university town of “El teatino”, which has been expanding since 1985, is located in the west of the city and contains most of the departments of the university. The beautiful environment here, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, is a good place for study and research. The metro line specially planned for the university by the municipality of Malaga will be opened in the near future, connecting the two university towns with the downtown area in between, while five metro stations are planned for the teatino campus, which will allow people to enjoy more convenient transportation. Order a fake Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona degree from Spain.