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 1, outstanding professional advantages, set up complete professional, and belongs to the New Zealand government directly under the jurisdiction of public university; how to buy fake diploma,how to buy fake degree, how to buy transcript. 
2, domestic 211 university students obtain ielts 6.5 points And complete a freshman class and grade point average at 80%, can be directly admitted to the university of Auckland etc. The best public university in New Zealand part of professional, such as literature and business major, engineering and medical and other professional needs higher requirements;  how to buy fake degrees,where can we get a fake diploma, where can we get a fake transcript. 
3, the first batch of Chinese ministry of foreign affairs and foreign consulate recognition of formal institutions;
4, due to its strict into, and the more severe the admission and graduation of policy, the competitiveness of the graduates of the university of Auckland is unmatched by other students at the university of New Zealand, graduated from local students can easily get to work, the ability after the student back is also recognized by their employers; how much for a fake diploma, how much for a univerdity fake degree, how can we get a fake degree,fake diploma,buy fake degree,fake transcript, buy degrees.