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Tennessee Technological University degree
Tennessee Technological University degree

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Tennessee Tech University (TTU), founded in 1915, is a well-known comprehensive institution of higher learning in the south of the United States. It is also an American University recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

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Tennessee Tech University has been recognized by students and parents for years as one of the top universities in the Central and Southern United States, featuring high quality education and research, leading innovation and entrepreneurship education, and multi-field enterprise cooperative education. TTU has low tuition and scholarship opportunities, and its engineering programs are among the best in the country. The university has nine schools, including the College of Agriculture and Human Ecology, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Commerce, the College of Education, the College of Engineering, the College of Fine Arts and the College of Nursing, with a total of more than 200 majors. Agricultural Engineering, Microbiology, Nano-electronic technology, wireless communication, Computer technology, Environmental Science and Engineering, Materials science and engineering are strong majors.

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