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Purchase a fake Open University Malaysia degree and transcript online. where to get a realistic University Malaysia degree and transcript. The Open University Malaysia (Open University Malaysia, abbreviated as OUM) is a private university in Malaysia that focuses on distance education. The founder Multimedia Technology Enhancement Operations Sdn Bhd (METEOR) is a private university run by eleven Malaysian public companies. An educational institution formed by universities.

The Open University of Malaysia offers junior, undergraduate, master and doctoral courses. The main majors are early childhood education, human resource management, information technology, Islamic studies and education, management, teaching methods, accounting, nursing science, occupational health and safety management, projects and equipment Management, Tourism Management, Political Science, Psychology, English Studies, Pedagogy-English as a Second Language Teaching, Pedagogy-Educational Management and Communication, etc. The digital library of the Open University of Malaysia has a collection of nearly 100,000 e-books and a large collection of academic journals.

Blended learning methodology

  • Face-to face-learning: Tutorials were conducted where students have the opportunity to physically meet their tutors and discussed their subject and their assignment
  • e-Learning: Students are required to participate in an online forum using a learning management system and discussed among each other’s and with their tutors and peers on their subject matters and on their assignment.
  • Self-managed learning module: Students do not have to come over for their tutorials but they still need to come for their tests. They learn by using participating in the learning management system and using their own modules.
  • m-Learning: The learning materials are designed in downloadable formats that can be accessed using a desktop or laptop computer. Students then opt to transfer these contents into a handphone to view them. One needs a handphone equipped with the necessary features.

OUM has a strong network of learning centres nationwide. These learning centres are in major cities and towns, from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah and Sarawak. OUM has 53 learning centres fully equipped with tutorial rooms, computer laboratories, library and Internet facilities. Where can I get a fake University of Malaya degree?