Over 1/3 Of British Students Work “Online” To Fund University Life

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Money saving website www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk has discovered that 23% of UK students who worked online to fund university life sold clothes, whilst 19% undertook “webcam work” and 11% worked in pornography.fake diploma,buy fake degree.

A total of 2,764 British people were polled as part of the research, all aged 18 or over and either current university students or people who had graduated within the last five years.“I am surprised to hear that so many students are working online”fake diploma,buy fake degree.

The research process included presenting participants with a list of typical roles undertaken by students, which they then had to choose as applicable to their situation.

Researchers compiled the responses to reveal that 44% of students with a job worked in retail work, 36% in online work, 31% in hospitality work, 25% in nightlife work and 13% in admin work.fake diploma,buy fake degree.

Respondents who stated that they had done “online work” during their time at university were asked to disclose what that work involved. Again, students were presented with a list of typical roles undertaken online.fake diploma,buy fake degree.

The results showed that 23% of students who made money online sold clothes, 19% undertook webcam work, 14% of students blogged and 11% of students were involved in pornography.“I have to say that I am surprised at the amount [of students] that are doing online work of a sexual nature”

When asked why they had turned to the Internet to fund their university experiences, 31% of students stated that their student loan did not cover their rent, 24% of students said they wanted the extra money and 19% said they enjoyed the work. 12% suggested that they could not find any other work.fake diploma,buy fake degree.