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Oacland Comunity College degree
Oacland Comunity College degree

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Oakland Community College, located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is a large public two-year Community College founded in June 1964 with an enrollment of 27,296 students.

The school has two campuses in Highland Lakes and Lake Union. Oakland Community College offers 2-year associate’s degrees and other diploma programs in 23 fields. It offers a wide range of majors. Popular majors include: liberal arts and sciences, general education and humanities, Health sciences and related services, business, management, marketing and related majors.

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The university currently has more than 80,000 full-time and part-time students. Oakland Community College offers a wide range of specialty and certificate courses, which can meet the requirements of most students for theoretical knowledge and practical application. The school’s main courses include: accounting, management, business, art, architecture, automation technology, data management, clinical, computer science, engineering, environmental management, environmental science, industrial electronics, health management, information technology, law, medicine, welding technology, system management, design, surgical medicine and so on. With a modest fee within the reach of most families and a stipend for outstanding students, Oakland Community College is an ideal place to study. How much does to order a fake New York Institute of Technology degree? Buy NYIT diploma