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North Carolina Central University degree
North Carolina Central University degree

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Founded by Dr. James E. Shepard, NORTH Carolina Central University is the National Religious training School in Heidi District and Chautauqua for people of color. Chautauqua is an educational movement originating in the North-East. Chartered as a private institution in 1909, the school opened on July 5, 1910. The future President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, provided some personal support for the school’s founding.

In 1915 the school was sold and reorganized as a national training school; It is backed by Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage, a New York philanthropist with a special focus on education. (She founded the Russell Saints Foundation and has given generously to several schools.) National training schools supported the development of black teachers during the Jim Crow era, when education for blacks up and down the ranks in southern states was underfunded.

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A statue of NCCU founder James E. Shepard. James E. Shepard was also a pharmacist, public servant, and educator. Served as the first president of MINzu University of China for nearly 40 years.
In 1923 it became a state-sponsored institution and was renamed The Durham State Normal School for Blacks; Normal schools train primary school teachers. In 1925, in order to expand its curriculum into a four-year program with a variety of specialties, the General Assembly transformed the institution into the North Carolina Negro College, dedicated to providing a liberal arts education and preparing teachers and middle school principals. It was the first state-supported liberal arts college for black students in the United States. To avoid the state’s Jim Crow system of segregating passenger cars on trains, Shepard insisted on driving to Raleigh to lobby the legislature. The college’s first four-year program graduated in 1929.

The college was recognized as an “A” institution by the Southern Association of Higher Schools in 1937 and was admitted to the association in 1957. In 1939, the College added graduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. He received his JURis Doctor degree in 1940 and entered the School of Library Science in 1941. In 1947, the General Assembly changed the name of the institution to North Carolina College in Durham. Borough of Manhattan Community College degree, buy BMCC diploma