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Migraine psychiatric complications, the main contents include epidemiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis, and treatment. MRCPUK Fake Diploma, Buy UK Diplomas. where to buy the Royal College of Physicians fake certificate, buy Royal College of Physicians fake diploma, buy MRCP fake certificate, buy ABN fake certificate, buy a fake degree in Neurology, buy RCPN fake certificate, buy a Neurologists certificate from RCP, Chapter 2 describes the relationship between migraine and stroke. The dysfunction of brain neurons and intracranial arteries is one of the major pathogenic mechanisms of migraine. Although migraine is different from the high incidence of stroke, Migraine patients with ischemic stroke risk will be significantly increased. Chapter 3 describes the relationship between cardiovascular disease and migraine, although there is no definite data to prove that there is a certain relationship between the two, a number of studies have shown that migraine patients with vascular endothelial cell function abnormalities. Chapter 4 discusses the relationship between the oval hole and migraine headache, the study found that patients with ovarian obturation more commonly prone to aura migraine headache, an aura of migraine patients more common to more easily detect the ovarian hole Is not closed, whethethe causal relationship between the two or accidental relationship is unclear, whethethe treatment of ovale can be used to treat migraine has not yet been conclusive. buy RCP fake certificate, buy MRCP fake certificate in the UK, buy doctor’s fake certificate, buy doctor’s license, how to become a doctor? Chapter 5 mainly describes the migraine and epilepsy, the two have a lot of common, are the paroxysmal symptoms of the performance of chronic neurological diseases, in the clinical manifestations, pathogenesis and treatment are more crosses. Chapter 6 focuses on the relationship between migraine and other pain syndromes, which are described and described in detail from epidemiology, clinical presentation to diagnosis and rational treatment. Chapter 7 focuses on migraine headaches and drug abuse headaches. Drug abuse headaches are one of the common comorbidities of migraine patients. buy fake degree certificate, buy fake diplomas, buy fake transcript. This section deals with the definition, epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and prognosis. Chapter 8 describes other comorbidities of migraine, such as obesity, temporomandibular disorders, and so on. Chapter 9 presents the common symptoms of migraine in children. Chapter 10 focuses on the rational choice of treatment options for migraine patients.