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The college has been delivering vocational education in Medway and Maidstone for nearly 100 years. where to buy MidKent College fake diploma, buy MidKent College fake degree, how to buy MidKent College fake certificate, buy MidKent College degree with apostille,  Its roots lie in the technical institutes established within the Medway towns in the 1890s and Maidstone around 1918.

The college first began delivering courses from the Horsted Centre in Chatham in 1954. buy a bachelor degree from MidKent College, UK. buy MidKent College master degree, how to get a diploma from MidKent College, The site was opened as Medway College of Technology by the Duke of Edinburgh on 5 April the following year.

Medway College of Technology and Maidstone Technical College amalgamated in 1966 to become Medway and Maidstone College of Technology. The purpose-built City Way site in Rochester was subsequently opened as an additional college site in 1968.

The college changed its name to Mid-Kent College of Higher and Further Education in 1978, how to pass the MidKent College exam, how to study at MidKent College, UK. before dropping the hyphen and space and the latter part of its title to become MidKent College in October 2008.

Throughout the 1950s, 60s and 70s, the college’s students were famed for their Rag Day parade. This saw them conducting a carnival procession through the Medway Towns. The parade started at Gillingham train station and ended at the esplanade in Rochester. Each year the students elected their own “Rag Day Queen” to head the procession.

The current principal of MidKent College is Simon Cook, who has held the position since July 2014 after the sad death of principal Sue McLeod.

The mother-of-one had previously worked across the Caribbean, buy UK degree, buy UK fake diploma, buy UK fake transcript, buy a bachelor degree, buy fake diploma online,  United States and Europe during her time in the travel industry, including a stint aboard cruise liners. She had earlier achieved a degree in Business Studies at the Dorset Institute of Higher Education – now Bournemouth University – where she returned to study Travel and Tourism prior to embarking on her teaching career with MidKent College.

In 2014 Sue McLeod was diagnosed with a brain tumour. On 24 July 2014, MidKent College informed the public via social media that she had died, the statement stated “It is with great sadness that MidKent College announces the death of its much-loved principal Sue McLeod at the age of 53.”