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Santa Clara University degree
Santa Clara University degree

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Santa Clara University (Santa Clara University), a famous non-profit private Catholic school in the United States, has been located in the heart of Silicon Valley in California for 167 years. There are 5499 undergraduates and 3130 master’s students in the university. Founded in 1851, Santa Clara University is the oldest university in the state of California and has a strong academic reputation in the Western United States. 2020U.S. News ranked 23rd for best undergraduate teaching quality in the United States. According to PayScale’s 2018 National College Salary Survey, Santa Clara graduates are the 8th highest-paid in the country.

Santa Clara University offers bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral degrees in six schools: College of Arts and Sciences, Educational and Counseling Psychology, School of Business, School of Engineering, Jesus Seminary, and School of Law.
Santa Clara has the fourth highest graduation rate of any graduate school in the United States. As California’s oldest institution of higher education, Santa Clara University exemplifies faith-inspired values of morality and social justice. Santa Clara University teaches students knowledge and develops keen insight to help them accomplish their goals.

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Taking advantage of this historic opportunity, Santa Clara University is building a second technology campus in Silicon Valley, the technology capital of the world, which will transform the region’s premier university into the nation’s premier research university. In December 2018, Santa Clara university for the first time by the Carnegie level of institutions of higher education is divided into Dr. University and in September 2019 for the first time to attend USNews college (Dr) at the university of national level, at the national university of 54, ranking than at purdue university, the university of Washington (Seattle) and the university of Maryland park, such as the school. How much does to buy Indiana State University degree? Order ISU diploma