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Apply fake INSEAD Diploma, Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires diploma, buy Fake Diploma, buy Fake Certificate. The Singapore campus offers the same courses as the French campus. Due to the varying lengths of MBA programs, the institutions vary in the curriculum. Below is the world’s number one French INSEAD course setting.

The French INSEAD MBA program is divided into three phases:

Business foundation

This phase of the course focuses on teaching business functions, core principles, and team dynamics.

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Specifically, the following courses are available:

Managerial Behavior

The course covers all aspects of the behaviour of people in the organization and organization of management.

The focus is on identifying goals and organizing and managing them to ensure the goals are met.

Management Organisations

This course examines the human factors in management.

Application Statistics (Applied Statistics)

Students in this course are familiar with the terminology of statistics and understand the meaning of numbers. The focus is on the use of statistical knowledge in the real decision-making environment.

Financial Accounting

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The course is designed to teach students how to analyze financial statements to obtain information about their business operations.

Management Accounting and Control

Teaching students sufficient knowledge and skills to analyze management accounting reports, while discussing some controversial issues in management accounting

Price and Markets

Introduce the microeconomic theory and the real business operating environment. Provide economic tools to analyze consumer behaviour, production theory and costs, pricing policies, and more.

Marketing Management I

Review the main functions of marketing, providing quantitative and qualitative analysis

Marketing Management II (Marketing Management II)

Enable students to understand the formation and implementation of marketing strategies.

Production and Operations Management

Students will learn about the links between various operational environments and strategies in this course.

Finance I (Finance I)

Introduce basic knowledge of finance, focusing on assessment projects, corporate strategy and financial security

Finance II (Finance II)

Learning financial aspects of decision making, such as dividend policy, capital structure, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Understanding the environment

Based on the first phase of the course, the second phase describes the inter-connected and interdependent relationships among the various functional areas in management, enabling participants to understand the fierce competition and environment facing the company’s operations.