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Buy Imperial College London Diploma, Get Imperial College London fake degree, copy Imperial College London transcript. Imperial College has four colleges: engineering, natural sciences, medical and business schools, providing undergraduate and graduate education. There are about 8,000 faculty members in the school, including 74 Fellows of the Royal Academy of Sciences (Fellow of Royal Society), 84 fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering (Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering), and 85 fellows of the Royal Academy of Sciences (Fellows of the Academy). of Medical Sciences). Among the alumni and faculty members of Imperial College London, there are 14 Nobel Prize winners and 3 Fields Medal winners.

The total number of students at Imperial College exceeds 17,000, and international students account for about a quarter. Students are under great pressure in their studies and their schoolwork is heavy. Although she is one of the universities with the highest admission standards in the UK, the elimination rate per academic year is still high, and the first-class degree award rate is relatively low, making it one of the most stringent universities in the UK. A recent survey showed that the starting salary of Imperial College graduates is the highest in the UK. Get fake Imperial College London Diploma, Buy Imperial College London fake degree, copy fake Imperial College London transcript.

In January 2014, Alice P Gast, a well-known chemistry expert who was the Dean of MIT and the president of Lehigh University, was appointed as the 13th Dean of Imperial College. Buy a fake diploma, buy a fake degree, buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript, buy fake Bachelor degree, buy fake Master degree, buy fake doctor degree

In the 1996 evaluation of the British Higher Education Funding Committee, Imperial College of Technology, pure mathematics, applied mathematics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biological sciences, statistics and computing research, computer science, materials science, electrical and electronic engineering, chemical engineering, Mechanical engineering, mining engineering, civil engineering, Pre-Clinical Studies and other majors have all received 5 stars (scores ranging from 5 stars to 1 star, the highest is 5 stars).