How to create a 100% copy Hong Kong driver’s license safely?

Hong Kong driver's license
Hong Kong driver’s license

How to create a 100% copy Hong Kong driver’s license safely? Where to get a realistic Hong Kong driver’s license quickly? Driving licences in Hong Kong are issued by the Transport Department. A full driving licence is valid for 10 years (unless the driver is close to 70) and is mandatory to operate a motor vehicle. Most driving licences are issued after the applicant has passed a driving test for the corresponding type of vehicle. If the applicant holds an overseas driving licence issued after passing a driving test in an approved country, they may be issued without a test.

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In Hong Kong, a driver’s licence needs to be used in conjunction with other identification documents, so it contains less information than in most other countries/territories. The current version includes the holder’s name, identity card number (usually the same as the holder’s Hong Kong Identity card number), driving rights and date of issue. Hong Kong driving licence without photo.

As stated in the application for the direct issue of a Hong Kong full driving licence, A person is eligible for the direct issue of a Hong Kong driving licence when the Director is satisfied that all of the following conditions apply:

2. How to get a fake Hong Kong driver’s license quickly?

Hold a full driving licence (but not an international driving licence) from one of the following countries or territories within the past three years: Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Guernsey, India, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Singapore, Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Namibia, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America
* The driving qualification required must be equivalent to the class for which a national or local authorisation to drive is issued; and
Private cars, light goods vehicles, motor cycles and motor tricycles only. Other types of driving licences cannot be directly converted.
* The driving licence is obtained by passing the relevant driving test in the issuing country or place; and
* Meet one of the following three requirements:
* The permit was originally issued on any date during a period of residence in the issuing country or place of not less than 6 months (entry and exit stamps on the passport, school transcripts or proof of the employer’s specified period of employment are accepted as proof); either
* The licence has been issued for not less than 5 years immediately before the application; either
A passport or equivalent travel document from the country or place in which the licence is issued. How to you buy a fake driver’s license in Victoria Australia?