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The Berkeley Conservatory has a beautiful environment and a rich student life. Some of the newly enrolled students can live on campus, while the rest are scattered in nearby homes. The school has advanced teaching equipment and an excellent auditorium. It is known as TOWER RECORDER, the world’s largest audiovisual product store. The Berklee College of Music is not only the cradle of musical genius but also the sacred place for musicians all over the world.

The Berkeley College of Music is a contemporary music school in the United States that has trained a number of Grammy-winning talents and offers a four-year bachelor’s degree. The students took the basic course two years ago: harmony, alignment, discriminating training and music technology and entered the professional courses in the next two years.

The college has 12 majors: classical music composition, jazz music composition, modern music writing and production, film music recording, music business management, music education, music production technology and engineering, music synthesis, song writing, music therapy, performance and professional music. Students who graduate from the Berklee College of Music, no matter what major they are studying, must be a professional level performer, at least to be proficient in a musical instrument.

The Berklee College of Music has 12 majors to help students find the areas they are most interested in and the direction of their future career development. Majors include composition, modern creation and production, electronic products and design, film soundtrack, jazz composing, music business management, music education, music production and recording engineering, music therapy, performance, professional musicians, and songwriting. Students can learn different majors by studying different majors during their freshman year.