Where to order a 100% similar Hong Kong identity card safely?

Hong Kong ID Card
Hong Kong ID Card

Where to order a 100% similar Hong Kong ID card safely? How to get a realistic Hong Kong ID card quickly and legally? Hong Kong identity cards are divided into two categories, namely “Hong Kong Permanent identity card” and “Hong Kong Identity Card”.  Identity cards issued by persons aged 11 and above are also called child identity cards, while persons aged 18 and above are required to replace adult identity cards within 30 days of their 18th birthday.  

1. Why so many people want to buy a fake Hong Kong ID card?

A Hong Kong permanent identity card is an identity card issued by the Immigration Department to a person with the right of abode in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Permanent identity cards, commonly known as the “Three (three) Stars”, are named after the “***” mark inscribed on the permanent identity cards they hold. In fact, the meaning of the mark is not directly related to whether the holder has the right of abode in Hong Kong. It only means that the holder is aged 18 or above and is eligible to apply for a HKSAR re-entry permit. Hong Kong permanent residents only need to present their identity cards and do not need to complete an “immigration Declaration form” when entering or leaving the Hong Kong border. Section 2A of the Immigration Ordinance, Cap. 115, Laws of Hong Kong, provides that, subject to section (2) 2AA, Hong Kong permanent residents have the following rights:
Entry into Hong Kong; Will not be subject to any condition of stay in Hong Kong and any condition of stay imposed on him shall be invalid; No order of deportation may be issued against him; And shall not be served with an order of removal.

2. How long does to order a fake Hong Kong ID card online?

If a holder of a Hong Kong Permanent identity card needs a new one or a replacement one due to the loss of the old one, the Immigration Department will issue a “Receipt for Application for a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card” before the new one is issued. This receipt has the function of a temporary identity card but cannot be used for immigration purposes. A HKSAR re-entry permit or valid travel document (e.g., HKSAR Passport, China… Etc.). How to create a 100% copy Hong Kong driver’s license safely?