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Yorkville University is a private for-profit university established in 2003 in New Brunswick, Canada. The university accepted its first students in the fall of 2004 for the programs offered out of Fredericton, New Brunswick, which was at the time the only establishment under Yorkville University. The university has since launched brick-and-mortar campuses in Concord, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia.

The predecessor of the University of Yorkville in Canada was RCC (Radio College of Canada) Institute of Technologies. It was established in 1928 and officially changed its name to Yorkville University in 2003. The three campuses of Vancouver, Toronto and New Brunswick run through Canada’s east and west coasts. , There are about 8,000 students in school. While the school is committed to providing high-quality education for school students, it also pays more attention to the cultivation of talents that combines theory with practice. Case teaching and project-oriented learning mode are adopted, and teachers with industry experience provide students with a large amount of first-hand industry information and practical experience, thereby laying the foundation for students’ employment. How much does a phony Bishop’s College School degree cost?