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University of Pretoria degree
University of Pretoria degree

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The University of Pretoria, formerly Transvaal University College and a member of the World Alliance of Universities, is South Africa’s largest public University for black students, It has seven campuses in different cities across South Africa, with the largest located in the heart of Hatfield, the diplomatic hub of the South African capital. Nestled in the purple haze of Pretoria’s iconic jacaranda trees, the university’s main campus offers high-quality teaching, learning and research expertise in all nine faculties, including South Africa’s only veterinary college and Africa’s top law and business schools.

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The University of Pretoria (UP) was founded in 1908 as Transvaal University College in Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa. It became an independent University on October 10, 1930.

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The University of Pretoria is by far the largest university in South Africa. It now has more than 26,000 students studying in its 11 colleges and 139 departments, including about 7,000 graduate students. The university’s 43 research institutes and centers also work rigorously to improve the quality and output of research. The University of Pretoria exports about 5500 high quality talents to South African society every year. The highest number of students was 26 percent from 20, 593 in 1990. On the one hand, the school absorbs outstanding talents from South Africa and other countries, on the other hand, the school tries to meet the academic requirements of every student as much as possible. The school contributes to society by producing a large number of high calibre talents for the local, South African and international communities. The university will continue to optimize its teaching and research programs and will continue to promote the intellectual, cultural and personal development of learning! How much does to obtain a fake University of KwaZulu-Natal degree?