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Texas Southern University degree
Texas Southern University degree

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Texas Southern University, also known as the University of Southern Texas, is a four-star University in the United States and the largest and most famous minority State research University in the history of the United States. It is located in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1927, the university has an enrollment of about 9,700 graduate and undergraduate students; It has about 1,400 professors and faculty members; It has a range of undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs, and more than 80 student organizations. The university’s Thurgood Marshall Schools of Law, Business, Pharmacy, and Science and Technology are nationally renowned. The current president is Dr. John M. Rudley.


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Texas Southern University is located in downtown Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in the United States, namely the historic Third District of Houston, with convenient transportation. Texas southern university has the most diverse teachers across the United States and the most advanced teaching facilities, there are more than 9500 students and nearly 1500 staff, opened from undergraduate to PhD level of professional and curriculum, nine college opened the region’s unique professional, mostly in the part of the school also get state-level honors for outstanding achievements. Including the only program in the region that offers a degree in urban planning; Its aeronautical science program has one of only two flight simulators in the country; The law school was rated by U.S. News and World Report as the most diverse law school in the country; The School of Medicine and Health Sciences has historically trained more than 27 percent of African American pharmacists; Most of Houston’s African-American teachers and lawyers are graduates of Texas Southern University. The NASA Research Center for Bionanotechnology and Environmental Research (C-BER) in the College of Science and Technology addresses human health issues related to manned space exploration.

The school also hosts a variety of extracurricular activities led by the legendary college debate team and award-winning Soul Marine and Jazz bands, as well as an array of exciting programs and activities, such as the U.S. government designating Texas Southern University as one of six National Centers of Excellence in Transportation Safety. How to buy a 100% copy Florida Atlantic University degree? Order FAU diploma