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Roehampton University diploma

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Founded in 2004, the University of Roehampton is a friendly, modern public university located in Roehampton, southwest London, England, dedicated to providing the best environment for study and research. Affiliated to The Cathedrals Group; Compostela Group of Universities; European University Association; School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE, Greece); Universities UK organization.

There are a total of 12,665 students, including 10,730 undergraduates and 1,935 postgraduates (2018/19). The types of courses include undergraduate, master, doctor, and postdoctoral. Dance major is the best subject at Roehampton University. 94% of the research is rated 4+ and 3+, making it the highest-scoring university in the field of dance studies in the UK. Its dance and anthropology major is the best in the UK. At the same time provide a full range of dance teaching and research courses. Roehampton University also ranks third in London in terms of research quality in education and fourth in English. It is London’s best-performing university in these disciplines. Roehampton University was ranked among the top 200 emerging universities in the world by Times Higher Education. At the same time, Roehampton University’s two excellent green campuses are located in the southwest of London, only about 20 minutes’ drive from central London. Buy a fake University of Brighton degree for a job.