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Fake PMP Certificate, Fake Project Management Professional Certificate. Copy a fake certificate. buy fake diplomas. PMP refers to the qualification certification of project management professionals. It is initiated by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which strictly assesses whether the knowledge and skills of project managers have high-quality qualification certification exams.
Its purpose is to provide a unified industry standard for project managers. At present, the certification exams established by the American Project Management Association include PMP (Project Manager) and CAPM (Project Management Assistant). Certification and examination institutions have been established in more than 190 countries and regions around the world.
Now PMI China and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs have launched ACP (AGILE Agile Certification) and PgMP (Program Management Certification), and PBA (Business Analyst) is expected to be implemented by the end of 2016

Due to the international recognition of PMP certification, having a PMP certificate is a direct manifestation of the personal and company project management level, which will bring convenience to the PMP career and work. Buy a fake PMP Certificate, Project Management Professional Fake Certificate. Copy a fake certificate. buy fake diplomas.

The PMP exam adopts an objective multiple-choice form, with a total of 200 questions, of which 25 questions are not counted. Buy a fake diploma, buy a fake degree, buy fake certificate, buy fake transcript, buy fake Bachelor degree, buy fake Master degree, buy fake doctor degree.  Answer time: 9:00~13:00, 4 hours in total. Starting from September 30, 2005, the pass line for freshmen who signed up for the PMP exam was 61% (25 out of 200 multiple-choice questions are randomly checked, that is, 106 questions are answered correctly); however, the qualification review of candidates will be very strict.