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Ministero dell'istruzione diploma
Ministero dell’istruzione diploma

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Having existed in the Cavour government since 1861, it was suppressed by the Mussolini government on September 12, 1929 and replaced by the Ministry of National Education. Until May 29, 1944, the government of Bagdoglio II kept this name until May 29, 1944, when the government reverted to its original name, the Ministry of Education. It remained unchanged even after the creation of the Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage by the Government of Moro IV on 14 December 1974, which collected some of the competences and functions previously held by the Ministry of Education and other ministries; the first part of the new ministerial structure One owner is Giovanni Spadolini.

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In 1988, the University and Science and Technology Research Department, which was spun off from the Education Department, was also born. The Ministry of Education was subsequently dissolved together with the Ministry of Universities and Scientific and Technological Research in order to comply with the Bassanini reforms of Decree No. 1. 300/1999, implemented by the governments of Berlusconi II and Berlusconi III, so that its structure flows first into the Ministry of Education, Universities and Scientific and Technological Research, the Government of Prodi, and then into the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, or MIUR (Berlusconi for short). Nietzsche II and Berlusconi III governments).

Thus, as a result of the spin-off from MIUR, the government of Prodi II reorganized the Ministry of Public Education (together with the Ministry of Universities and Research) on 17 May 2006; on 7 May 2008, the government of Berlusconi IV reorganized these two The sector was reincorporated into MIUR to implement the Fiscal Law No. 244/2007 of 2008, restoring the original configuration of the Bassanini reforms. Order a fake Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna degree, buy UNIBO diploma