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Lamar University degree
Lamar University degree

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Lamar University, founded in 1923, is a member of the Texas State University system. The school is located in Beaumont, an industrial city in east Texas. There are many global famous companies, such as BASF, Dow and ExxonMobil, nearby. Students have many part-time jobs and internship opportunities. The university offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degree programs, and currently has 14,388 students and nearly 450 faculty members. It has been selected as one of the top ten colleges with the best employment rate in the United States by the famous Yearbook of Higher Education in the United States, and is also one of the 29 doctoral research universities funded by the Carnegie Foundation. It consists of five schools: College of Engineering, College of Education and Human Development, College of Business, College of Arts and Communication, and College of Arts and Sciences. It offers 63 undergraduate programs, 47 master’s programs, and 9 doctoral programs. In addition, the Mary and John Gray Library contains more than 1,000,000 volumes.

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School Type: Public Setting: City Adjacent City: Houston, Austin Adjacent Airport: Houston Airport (90 miles) Student-faculty ratio: 1/15

Faculty: 309 full-time teachers, 151 part-time teachers; 31% of classes have fewer than 20 students, 61% have 20-50 students, and 9% have more than 50 students.

School features: The School of Engineering has a high reputation in the local area, the most famous is the School of Chemical Engineering. Its most recent undergraduate graduates earn $110,000 a year, with an average of $75,000. The average annual salary of its graduates is 95,000 yuan. Some PhD graduates enter national R&D centers in the United States. In 2017, according to US News, Lamar University’s Engineering school earned the same as Yale University’s engineering school. In 2018, the school of Engineering ranked second in the country and The University of Berkeley ranked first among all US universities in terms of return on investment. Buy a fake University of Houston–Downtown degree, order UHD diploma