Is it possible to obtain a fake Kyoto University diploma in Japan?

Kyoto University diploma
Kyoto University diploma

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Kyoto University, also known as Kyoto University, is a national research university with its headquarters in Sako-ku, Kyoto City, Japan. It is Japan’s Super International University Program (Category A), designated National universities, Academic Research Forum, Research University Enhancement and Promotion Project, World’s Top Scientific Research Center Program, Leading Graduate School Program, Japan Ocean Innovation Alliance, Nuclear Energy Talent Training Alliance, University Aerospace Engineering Alliance, Old Imperial University, Japan-European JANET, Japan-British RENKEI Member of the Association of East Asian Research Universities and the China-Japan University Presidents Forum.

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The university has won 11 Nobel Prizes, the most Nobel prizes among Asian countries. Originally Kyoto Imperial University in 1861, after World War II, it was officially renamed “Kyoto University”. Different from other universities in Japan, Kyoto University advocates a free and independent research and learning atmosphere, advocating that students develop on the basis of “self-respect and self-respect”. One of the characteristics of Kyoto University is the academic atmosphere of student autonomy, “those who are willing to learn, and those who are not willing to do their best”.

Kyoto University has several research institutes, including the Institute of iPS Cells, the Institute of Mathematical Analysis, and the Institute of Disaster Prevention, Kyoto University.