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Grand Canyon University diploma
Grand Canyon University diploma

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Grand Canyon University is an exclusive institution, founded in 1949. It has a campus size of 100 acres. It uses a semester’s school calendar. Grand Canyon University’s ranking in the 2017 edition is the best university institution in the country, Level 2. Its tuition is $17,050.

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Despite its name, Grand Canyon University is located in Phoenix, about four hours from the tourist destination. The private university awards undergraduate degrees to six colleges, including the Ken Blanchard School of Business, the School of Arts, and Production. Many of its undergraduate repertoire are extensive while allowing students to complete a focus within a certain area. For example, you can major in biology, pre-med, focus on completing pre-pharmacy, or former assistant physician; Art and design majors can choose to emphasize animation, screenwriting, web design, or production. Grand Canyon University also awards various master’s degrees and has a School of Nursing.

GCU’s Lopes (Antelope) is split second to compete in various conferences, including the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) and the Pacific West (Western Pacific). The University is a denominational Christian institution and, as such, encourages spiritual education. Grand Canyon University’s goal is to provide religious people with access to higher education.