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CDI College diploma
CDI College diploma

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CDI College is a private institution of higher learning in Canada. It was founded in 1970 and has several branches in Canada. The CDI faculty is staffed with experienced faculty members to help students learn effectively. The mission and purpose of CDI is to make the entire learning process personalized, oriented and market-focused, so that every student, regardless of background, can maximize their potential and be successful in employment after graduation. CDI offers a wide range of majors, including accounting, Business administration, Early childhood education, Dental Assistant, Graphic design, Hotel management, massage therapy, network system management, social services, Web design, and so on.

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Collins College (CCi), which is now defunct, acquired CDI Education in August 2003. CDI has the post-secondary education division of the Vocational College under the trade names CDI Business and Technology College and Computer Research Institute, respectively. CDI’s corporate training division operates under the trade name CDI Corporation Education Services.

On November 8, 2007, Corinthians sold almost all of the assets of its corporate training division, CDI Education, to CrossOff Incorporated for C $19 million (US $16 million). In December 2007, Corinthians renamed its Ontario campus Everest College and sold its remaining Canadian campus location to the Eda Group.

In March 2012, the British Columbia newspaper split the investigation into two parts: the province reported student complaints and suspicious business practices at CDI College and two other Canadian institutions owned by Eminata, the University of Western Canada and Vancouver Vocational College. In December of that year, seven CDI nursing students had their licenses suspended by the Alberta College of Licensed Practical Nurses. Several Edmonton students later sued, claiming that their classroom activities in the care plan included wheelchair racing, watching Netflix and learning about human anatomy from picture books. The CDI Academy discontinued the LPN program in 2013. They settled the suit in 2018, paying $1.88 million. How to buy a fake Centennial College diploma from Ontario Canada?