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Allen University of Applied Sciences  is a well-known German public university for applied sciences, located in Allen, Germany’s most economically developed state of Baden-Wurttemberg. There are nearly 6,000 students and 150 professors in the university. Aaron University currently has 5 faculties and offers more than 60 bachelor’s and master’s courses. Its dominant majors are engineering, economics, materials science, biomedicine, optics and other majors. It is the largest in Baden-Württemberg One of the universities of applied sciences. The university is the first batch of German higher education institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education of China (list of German higher education institutions of the Ministry of Education Education Foreign-related Regulatory Information Network, No. 3  ).

Since its establishment in 1963, as a regionally well-known university, Allen University of Applied Sciences has closely followed the development of regional society in its research directions and curriculum, constantly innovated and explored, cultivated a large number of high-quality talents urgently needed by local enterprises, and effectively guaranteed the high-speed regional economy. development of. Future scientific development topics such as digital networks, health, electric vehicles, renewable energy, photonics, and robotics are pushing the University of Arun to move forward. Over the years, as one of the most research-intensive universities of applied sciences in Germany, it has devoted itself to IT security, cancer research, biomedicine, super magnets that extend the life of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles, development of resource-oriented energy concepts, autonomous driving and Industry 4.0 Exploratory research in other fields, and has achieved gratifying results.How Fast to Get a Leipzig University Diploma Online?