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Application Process for Admission to Open University Malaysia

 Step 1: Students and their parents learn about colleges and courses through the Open University Malaysia Chinese Network

 Students and their parents learn about Singapore’s basic national conditions, education system, general situation of colleges and universities, as well as interested professional course information, admission standards, schooling tuition and future employment prospects through the Chinese Language Network of Open University Malaysia, and make a decision on whether to apply for the colleges and universities according to the above information.  After determining the intention to study abroad, students submit the entrance assessment online.  During this process, if students or parents have any questions about the institutions and curriculum information, they can contact us online.

 Step 2: Open University Malaysia Chinese Network Enrollment Consultant Formulates Overseas Study Plan for Students

 After receiving the student’s admission evaluation, the Open University Malaysia Chinese Network’s admission consultant will formulate a study abroad program for the students and provide more detailed information about the institutions and courses, and application forms.  Recruiting consultants guide and assist students in preparing various application materials required for admission.

 Step 3: Students Submit Application for Admission to Open University Malaysia

 After preparing all the application materials, the students submit their application to Open University Malaysia and pay the applicable registration fee to the school, waiting for the admission notice from the school.

 Note: Some professional courses need to take the entrance examination organized by the school when submitting the application for admission. For specific examination information, please consult the admissions consultant of Open University Malaysia Chinese Network.