Several ways to obtain British Columbia driving license

Get British Columbia Driver's Licence

BC driver’s license test process

Written test The ICBC business hall has a free driving test guide, and there is also a Chinese version. You can ask for a copy before the written test. buy a British Columbia driving license online, buy driver’s licenses in Canada, buy Canadian driving licenses. buy driver’s licenses online. You can also download ICBC’s written test APP on your mobile phone. Try to score more than 90 points every time before taking the written test. There is no need to make an appointment for the written test. Bring the relevant documents and go directly to the ICBC test center to register. The test can be taken on the spot. The written test is all multiple-choice questions. There are a total of 50 questions plus 2 alternative questions. Even if you get 40 correct answers, you can still choose Chinese questions. After passing the written test, a simple vision test will be conducted, mainly asking about simple basic content such as color blindness cards, left and right flashing lights. After everything is qualified, you can get the L card smoothly!

Preliminary preparation
One year after getting the L card, you can take the N-level road test. The N-level and 5-level road test procedures are similar. If you need it, you can also ask a coach for training. The advantage is that the coach will take the route of the practice test and the test process. If you ask a coach, the coach will help you book the time and test location for the road test. If you are an individual taking the test, you can book the test online by yourself.

Appointment URL: Steps to schedule an exam online Step 1: Login: .com/Find: Book a road test under the New Driver column click: the button named (Book your road test now). The second step is to prepare the fee receipt for passing the written test and confirm the account number (ACCOUNT NUMBER) of the appointment and the time of the written test. buy a British Columbia driving license online, buy driver’s licenses in Canada, buy Canadian driving licenses. The set password. (For example BC#: 90XXXXX) Step 3 A Description of online appointment service (click Next when you finish reading) B Permit (Note: You must cancel the road test 48 hours before you can take the road test, otherwise you will be charged $25) C Enter personal information, Licence # Is the account prepared in the second step. The keywords are usually set during the previously written examination and maybe your mother’s maiden name. If you really forget, you can contact ICBC: 604-661-2255/1-888-715-7775. However, you can only call, and there is no way to send emails! D Enter your mobile phone number and email address E Choose the type of exam F Choose your appointment time