American Most Valuable University Rankings for 2019


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In addition to tuition fees, there are living expenses in the United States, such as rent, telephone bills, insurance fees, daily expenses, and so on. In the face of such huge expenses, it is very important to choose a cost-effective university.

Since studying abroad is a costly “investment”, then international students and parents will definitely consider “reward”.

By collecting and comparing data from 645 colleges and universities in 50 states, Forbes compiled the fourth annual ranking of the 300 most valuable universities. The committee scores them in six areas: quality, net price, net debt, alumni income, graduation period, and admission opportunities for low-income students.

This list highlights cost-effective schools. In terms of school quality judgement, Forbes relies on the top universities in the United States. Forbes’ top university rankings include student satisfaction, student life, and professor ratings.

Most of the admissions rates of American universities this year have reached new lows (the blue numbers in the table represent lower than last year’s admission rate), and many American universities have indicated that this year’s admission rate is the lowest in history, so this year is also called "history." The toughest application season."

The admission rate of 8 rattan schools this year, except for Cornell’s 10.6% admission rate, exceeded the double digits, all other single digits.

Among them, except for the small increase in Princeton University (5.77%) and last year’s admission (5.5%), the admission rate of other institutions fell by 0.3% to 1%.