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Houston is the number one city in Texas. About 50 miles from the Gulf of Mexico <Mexico Bay>, Houston is connected to the Gulf of Mexico and Houston by a 52-inch deep-water channel, making Houston both an inland city and a seaport. The current tonnage of the oceanic port in and out of the Port of Houston has been Living

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Houston’s ability to grow into the size of today’s super metropolitan area, in addition to its deep port and sound domestic transportation equipment, has contributed to the entire Texas as its hinterland, Houston’s growth actually has its profound history, University of Houston diploma

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First, Houston’s location in the US economic development: In 1901, the Houston government discovered oil after the Spindle top, 90 miles away from Houston, due to abundant reserves, rich groundwater, and the completion of artificially built canals. The construction of countless refineries in the Canal District has transformed Houston from an upstream transshipment port into an upstream industrial manufacturing city, buy University of Houston degree.

Houston’s industrial period reached its peak in 1970, and it was known as the "World Energy Capital", while the energy industry provided more than 80 percent of the city’s employment opportunities at the time. The energy industry in Houston was dying in the 1980s. Because of the fall in international oil prices, Houston’s regional economy was hit hard. In the 82-83 year alone, Houston lost 150,000 high-income jobs, equivalent to 10 percent of the work base.

Fortunately, in the 1990s, the Houston government actively introduced high-tech talents and made every effort to create a high-tech industry. With the innate energy and transportation advantages of the past, Houston attracted Enron, Compaq <Compaq>, and Continental Airlines <Continental Airlines> have come to set up factories, once again boarded the leading position in the US manufacturing industry, buy a fake degree from University of Houston , fake Texas degree

In addition, the diversified ethnic structure is another reason why Houston has developed. Since the Second World War, the number of ethnic minorities in major cities in the United States has risen sharply, especially in the case of Hispanic <Spanish>; By the year 2000, whites accounted for 31%, African Americans 24%, Hispanics 38%, and Asians and others 7 percent. Therefore, no ethnic group can constitute a majority.

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The average situation of ethnic distribution results in the equality of individuals in political or economic starting points. In today’s Houston, African ethnicity has repeatedly entered the core of local government power. Asians, although only 7 percent of the population, have also controlled the pulse of the entire Hughton high-tech industry.

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According to statistics, the Chinese population here is about 100,000, and it is still expanding. Various Chinese catering, super-commercial, wholesale and retail, financial and service industries are comparable in scale and life functions are quite superior. In recent years, Chinese high-tech professionals have moved in, so the Chinese people’s economic power, activity areas and social status have gradually increased with the increase of immigrant population.

The local climate is warm and humid, sunny and hot in summer. It is similar to Taiwan in the summer. It is the most pleasant and spacious Houston metropolitan area. There is no subway or mass transit system, only fixed-duty urban buses; however, the metropolitan area highways The net is quite developed, so traffic is mostly dependent on private cars.