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Chichester University College is located in beautiful West Sussex on the south coast of England. The school was officially upgraded to a university in 2005 and is one of the newest universities in the UK.

The atmosphere at Chichester University College is very friendly, and the school implements small class sizes, so the teachers are familiar with each student and can give students full academic guidance. Chichester University College offers a wide range of courses from certificate, major, undergraduate, masters to doctoral degrees. The quality of teaching in all courses is very high, and the school's courses are highly rated in the national teaching quality assessment conducted by government agencies. 36% of the teachers in the college have doctoral degrees. In the recent inspection report of the British Council, the academic qualifications and experience of the English language teachers of the school and the learning resources have scored “excellent”. The professional courses offered by the University of Chichester include business, business information management, media studies, music, dance, music technology, social work, preschool education, sports and fitness management, tourism management, English and more.