The University of Calgary diploma seal

 fake University of Calgary diploma seal

1. Graduated from high school or above, 80% in economics, buy fake University of Calgary diploma, buy fake UCalgary degree certificate, buy fake Canandian University transcriptbuy fake Canandian University diploma certificate. International relations, law, 85% in psychology, 76% in other arts, 80% in pedagogy, 82% in business, 85% in human kinematics, 76% in pharmacology, 85% in nursing, 86% in engineering, and 70% or more in college entrance examination.  (Holding a high school transcript certified by the Public Administration Department can exempt the requirements of the college entrance examination transcript.  The transcript of the college entrance examination requires a certificate in English from the local education bureau.  )

 2. Minimum requirements: TOEFL 560 or TOEFL IBT 83 or above, or IELTS 7.0 or above.  Nursing requires 92 points for TOEFL IBT and 100 points for pedagogy.

 3. Those who have not graduated from high school need to complete high school in Canada before applying.  (You still need to provide language test results before you can apply. Hong Kong students are exempted from the test, but you need to provide A-LEVEL certificates.  Hong Kong students studying in mainland China do not have this qualification.  )

 4. Without any language achievement, you can also meet the language requirements by attending EAP courses specially set up in University of Calgary.

 (Note: 85% of the average grade of high school can apply for scholarship in the first year of admission, about 1,250 Canadian dollars.  )


 1. University GPA above 3.0 (4 points out, depending on the subject chosen).  )

 2. With a bachelor's degree, it is recommended that business and management students take GMAT and science and engineering students take GRE.  3. Some majors need to have relevant professional work experience.