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The first two buildings were the Art Building (now the University College) and the Natural Science Building (now the Physical Astronomy Building).  These buildings were built in New Gothic (or "College Goth").  The University College Tower, one of the most distinctive buildings on the campus, was later named Middlesex Memorial Tower to commemorate those who went to the battlefield in Middlesex County during World War II (all 40 male college students were recruited at that time).  The university's current land has been used for teaching since 1924.  After World War II, University of Western Ontario expanded rapidly.  After World War II, new departments were added to universities, such as the research department, the engineering department, the law department, and the Althouse Institute of Education.  In 1951, Ivan Smith's team in University of Western Ontario invented the world's first "Cobalt bomb" machine for treating cancer, increasing the success rate of cervical cancer cure from 25% to 75%.  In 1965, University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law began to lead the world's wind power engineering. It has the world's first 3D wind power laboratory WindEEE, which has been tested for world famous buildings such as the World Trade Center, Hill Tower, Taipei 101 and Jakarta Tower.  By the 1970s, about 10% of Ontario college students were studying in University of Western Ontario.

 Other famous buildings include the Times Hall (built in 1950), Stevenson-Rosen Building (built in 1959), Talbert College (built in 1966), Alumni Hall (built in 1967), University Campus London Health Science Center, John P. Robert Research Institute, Rosen Health Research Institute, D.B. Wilton Library, John Rabat Visual Arts Center, Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory, University Community Center, Social Science Center and TD Waterhouse Sports Ground (built in 2001).  The university also has the Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory, named after the grandfather of famous actor Hume Cronyn and one of Canada's earliest university observatories.  McIntosh Art Museum was established in 1942 and is now the Canadian The Oldest University Art Museum.  The colors of the university are white and purple (according to the university, they are often mistaken for "purple and white").  The motto of the university is Veritas et utilitas, which means "truth and practicality".  The current honorary president of University of Western Ontario is Arthur Rabat, while the current president is Mr. Amit Chakma, who took office in 2009.  In January 2012, the school officially launched a new name (Western University) and a new logo, simplifying the name "The University of Western Ontario" that has been in use for nearly 90 years.