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In early February 2010, University of Calgary was removed from the list of recommended agencies by the Chinese government. how to buy the fake UCalgary diploma certificate. where to buy the fake University of Calgary degree certificate. How to buy a fake Canadian University certificate. The university said that the Chinese government's move may be related to the Dalai Lama's visit. In September 2009, University of Calgary conferred an honorary doctorate in law on the Dalai Lama, the separatist leader of Tibet, who visited Kuching.

According to Calgary Vanguard on the 4th, University of Calgary was removed from the list of recommended universities by the Chinese Ministry of Education.  University of Calgary spokesman Tourneur said: "This is a bit sudden and disappointing. We don't want our students to be negatively affected."  However, according to the Chinese embassy in Vancouver, Canada, degree certification will continue as usual, so the removal of the recommended list will have little impact.

 In September 2009, Tibetan separatist leader Dalai Lama was invited to visit Calgary and met with University of Calgary President Harvey Weingarten.  The Dalai Lama was awarded an honorary doctorate in law.

 Having been removed from the list by the Chinese government, University of Calgary has not received any prior notice from the Chinese authorities.  Tourneur is worried that the school is making an assessment of the impact of the incident on Chinese students and Caltech alumni.  The Canadian embassy in Vancouver answered the question from Calgary students. It is still possible to certify the returned degree.  Some time ago, due to political problems, University of Calgary was removed from the recommended foreign colleges and universities on the official website of the Ministry of Education, but the degree certification for returned students is still possible.  Therefore, in essence, the political incident has not affected Calgary students at all.

 In mid-March 2011, University of Calgary returned to the recommended list of the Ministry of Education.