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Bruce Lee: American Chinese, born in San Francisco in the United States in 1940, was admitted to the University of Washington with honors in 1961. Buy University of Washington High Imitation Diploma, Customized US original degree, Copy UW Genuine Transcript, Making United States university fake certificate. He studied performance art at the University of Washington from 1961 to 1964, minoring in philosophy and psychology, and Bruce Lee studied at the University of Washington during his degree. Keke has achieved excellent results. Under the guidance of philosophical theory and under the guidance of the martial arts theory of the famous martial artist Yinuo Shandu of the Institute of Physical Education, Li Xiaolong created the Jeet Kune Do in combination with the martial arts and philosophical theories of the world. Li Xiaolong is one of the world's seven major martial artists. He is the most influential Chinese in the world. He is also the first person to spread Chinese Kung Fu to the world. He became the first Chinese in Hollywood. He revolutionized the world martial arts. And the development of kung fu movies. Bruce Lee has created the world record of the world's most fascinating martial artists in the World Record Association of China, winning billions of viewers around the world.