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The school has carefully set up courses and adopts advanced teaching methods to meet the different needs of students with flexible teaching methods. Students can choose according to their needs and lifestyle, including full-time on-campus study at a branch campus or study center, or part-time study through distance education.

Charles Sturt University is Australia's largest provider of distance education. As the first school in Australia to offer online courses, the distance education of the school has been recognized by both at home and abroad.

Charles Sturt University of Australia is Australia's "Best University" in 1997. It has a five-star rating on graduate employment, starting salary and graduate performance. Although the scale of the school is not large, the level of some courses has reached the level of doctoral degree. The research projects of its five research centers are very characteristic in Australia, such as image analysis, protection of farming and so on.

The school has excellent teaching conditions and strong teaching staff. The disciplines include 21 majors including education, health research and agriculture. Modern teaching equipment and experienced teaching experts provide students with an excellent learning environment. As a member of the International Association of Universities, Charles Sturt University has established partnerships with universities and colleges around the world in teaching and research.

The school cooperates with more than 20 educational institutions in the world to promote and exchange its advanced and scientific educational concepts. It is widely recognized by the international community and is a well-deserved pioneer of Australian education.