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The University of Liverpool offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, with a major in veterinary medicine, architecture, urban and rural planning, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, mathematics, physiology, biology, earth and physical sciences, psychology, geography, civil engineering. , Pharmacology and Pharmacy, Anatomy and Cell Biology, Humanities such as music, 

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The Bachelor program takes three years to complete. For the British education system

University of Liverpool Physics Laboratory

For students from different countries, the school offers a one-year foundation course and can be linked to a bachelor's degree program.

The Master's program, which includes the latest technical lectures related to the profession and theory, usually takes one academic year to complete. The school awards nearly 130 master's degrees. buy fake Liverpool diploma,buy fake University of London degree, buy Oxford University degree, buy Cambridge school degree, buy degree in Manchester. buy Liverpool John Moores University degree, buy Liverpool Hope University degree online, buy UK transcript, buy fake transcript from UK. buy a MBA from University of Liverpool, buy University of Liverpool MBA degree.

In early 2000, the University of Liverpool opened a distance degree education program based on social needs. It used computer technology and network technology to educate and award graduates based on its excellent teaching resources. This is in the forefront of the UK and even Europe.

Rathm John, Academic Secretary of the University of Liverpool: We will set up three degrees in e-commerce, online education and entrepreneurship. We will spend some time preparing various investment projects, especially for entrepreneurs, we will design The corresponding courses provide real entrepreneurs for Liverpool and the UK and the world to meet the needs of future businesses. It is the innovation of the University of Liverpool that fosters new entrepreneurs through advanced curriculum design and flexible online learning.

Philip Lavaux (Vice President of the University of Liverpool): Although we are an old university, we have always looked to the future of our school curriculum, including medicine, law, business, architecture, urban planning, engineering, etc. A strong advantage, and this advantage is constantly increasing.